Reservation Guide


Reservation Guide

Follow the procedure below to make your online hotel reservation.


1 HOME / Check Room Availability

Select Region and Country. Specify the details of your planned stay and click [Search].

2 Rate Plan Selection

Select a plan or Room type and click [Continue].

3 Confirm Reservation / Enter Personal Information

Confirm your reservation details and enter your personal information.
(* indicates required fields)Read the terms of the agreement and, if you agree, check the checkbox, then click [Book Reservation].If you are already a Member, you do not need to enter your personal information again.Please enter your e-mail & password and Click [Login] at the top of the page. Your personal information has already been added.

4 Completion of Reservation

Your reservation has been processed. We will send the details of the reservation confirmation and the reservation number to the registered mail address.

Confirm or Modify Reservation

1 HOME / Confirm or Modify Reservation

Click [ Modify or Cancel a Reservation] at the top page on Hotel Nikko & JAL City's website.

2 Confirm or Modify Reservation

E-mail & reservation number or the registered E-mail, and the password, and click [Search]. Confirm the reservation details and change or cancel the reservation.

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