SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) refers to the protocol for encrypting and transmitting information over the internet.  SSL is a security function that aims to protect important information such as personal information transferred over the Internet from theft, falsification and spoofing by third parties. On the website operated by Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ONHM”) the accommodation reservation page for inserting personal information is an SSL secure page. (Certain pages allow users to select non-SSL communication.)

1. Importance of SSL

The encryption of protocols currently used on the internet is not regulated and thus third parties are able to insert line monitors, PCs, etc. into lines to view information that crisscrosses the internet.  The Internet is a network made up of interconnecting websites and a number of relay sites exist between access points and users, making it difficult to grasp whether a site is safe.  For this reason, ONHM website prevents eavesdropping, etc. by third parties by utilizing secure communication using SSL when transmitting important information, especially personal information, etc. over the Internet.

2. SSL Structure

SSL first conducts electronic authentication between ONHM and customers prior to customers’ sending personal information (digital certificates and digital signatures), and transmits data after conducting cross certification.  In doing so, exchanges between ONHM and customers are disturbed by random digits, and false transmissions to third parties posing as customers who attempt to steal data are prevented.  Furthermore, information transmitted using SSL is encrypted using a method which combines two types of encryption methods; public key encryption (RSA) and symmetric key encryption (private key cryptography).  An electronic “key” is required to decipher this information.  Even if information is intercepted by third parties, it is impossible to decrypt encrypted information without the correct key.  Although the number of available keys is finite, it is extremely difficult for third parties to decrypt information as it requires an unrealistically long time, even if work is conducted computationally using a computer, etc., to find the right key by testing all keys in turn.

3. SSL Enabled Browsers

A special configuration is not necessary in order to use SSL.  SSL functions automatically when using SSL enabled browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. in their default configuration.  It may not be possible to access SSL secure pages or enter information when using browsers that do not support SSL.

* It may not be possible to transmit information using SSL due to FireWall configurations if the customer is connected to the internet via a FireWall on an internal LAN such as a LAN within a company.

4. Data Protection

The website operated by ONHM uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology on the Okura Nikko Hotels Web Members’ page, the credit card payment page and other pages in which personal information is inserted as a safety measure when gathering customers’ personal information.  As a result, it encrypts data traveling across the internet and prevents data leaks.

This document is posted only for the purpose of providing information to customers.  It does not intend to recommend, request, or demand the use or otherwise of any specific software products.


Revised on April 1st, 2013
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