About Nikko Hotel & JAL City

Q1. What kinds of Nikko Hotel & JAL City are there?

A1. Nikko Hotel & JAL City has two brands of hotels, "Nikko Hotels International" and "Hotel JAL City". Both brands seek to ensure a pleasant, relaxing stay for all guests and strive to assure not only comfortable facilities and accommodations, but also warm hospitality.


Q1. How do I make a reservation?

A1. Our website allows you to make reservations online 24-hours a day for all hotels of Hotel Nikko & JAL City. Access via a mobile phone is also available in Japan. For more information, click here(Japanese only)
Telephone reservations are accepted at the Okura Nikko Hotels Resevation Center

Q2. When should I make my reservation?

A2. Both telephone and online reservations are accepted up to 350 days prior to your arrival. (Please note that in some instances, such as when price adjustments are being made by Nikko Hotel & JAL City, reservations cannot be made 350 days prior to arrival)

Q3. How can I cancel my online reservation?

A3. Cancel your reservation by clicking the "Confirm or Modify Reservation" button found on HOME of the Nikko Hotel & JAL City Website. Cancellation by phone is also available. Please feel free to contact the Okura Nikko Hotels Reservation Center or the hotel at which you made your reservation to cancel your hotel stay.

About Services in our Website

Q1. Are there any special services unique to the website?

A1. Once you become a member of "Web Members", you gain easy access to online reservations. You can also subscribe to our periodic email newsletter that delivers useful information on upcoming offers, campaigns and destination news.
For further information, click here.