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Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding our services. Frequently asked questions are provided in our FAQ section. You may contact us by phone or by email (accessible from this website).

Please note the following information regarding our service.

* Inquiry by a telephone : 09:30~18:00
(except New Year's days.)

* Inquiry by a email :09:30~18:00
(except New Year's days.) (* New Year's days.: December 30 - January 3.)

a) Those emails that reach us on our off-days will be attended to on our working days.

b) Our response will basically be made by email from us or our hotels, but it may be made by other means. (letter etc.)

c) Even when our reply is demanded, we may not be able to respond if the subject is of abusive nature.

d) Depending on subjects, our response may take time and may not be made as promptly as you wish.

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation.