Nikko Hotel & JAL City Commission Statement

Nikko Hotel & JAL City (Nikko Hotels International and Hotel JAL City) pay commission to approved travel agencies for all individual travel bookings, including Nikko's promotional packages. Nikko Hotel & JAL City's commissions will be paid for each night at an eligible rate. All published rates such as Corporate, Rack, Weekend and packages available to the general public negotiated as commissionable by travel agents are commissionable.

Commission is not paid on most convention bookings, government rates that are net/non-commissionable, any internet-only rate programs and One Harmony Stay Awards and any other Gift Certificates. Taxes and gratuities are not commissionable. Commission inquiries must be submitted within 9 months of the guest departure.

Travel Agency Commission Settlement by Worldwide Payment Systems

Nikko Hotel & JAL City has partnership with Worldwide Payment Systems (WPS), an industry leader in commission processing that provides travel agencies with consolidated payments that will help optimize their costs and have better control of their commission payments.
Our work by WPS processes commission payments to travel agencies worldwide efficiently for 80% of Nikko Hotels International and Hotel JAL City hotels. Please see "the list" for any exceptions.

Travel agencies around the world reap the benefits of WPS.


  • Payment in preferred currency and preferred method including ACH, bank transfer and check.
  • Real time, online capability 24/7 to check commission payment status.
  • Electronic statements including brand logos, guest detail, hotel name and address.
  • Automated help desk available for inquiry processing, customer service, or program management To take advantage of the above tools, click here to obtain access codes.

[ Commission Payment Inquiries / Customer Support ] 
Commission inquires must be submitted within 9 months of guests departure.

All commission inquiries should be directed to Customer Support desk at or by calling +1-866-531-0170 (within US) or +34-95-503-1400 (Spain, outside US). WPS support speaks 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

Track an existing claim or open a new commission claim online.

<< Tracking >>
Search for the payment status of a commission by hotel name, guest name, confirmation number, dates of stay.

To track your commission status
(1) Log on to
(2) Go to Payment Tracking Global Search from the home page.
(3) Select Global Search and search for commission status by hotel name, confirmation number, guest name, dates of stay.

<< Commission Inquir >>
Open a new commission claim or track an existing claim online.

(1) Log on to or email
(2) Go to Your Commission Claims from the home page.
(3) Select Direct Data and follow the steps to submit your commission claims

<< Additional Information >>

If you require additional information, or would like to access a User Guide in pdf format, click here.Thank you for your continued support and patronage to Nikko Hotel & JAL City.