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As a way of expressing our hospitality, members of the JAL Hotels’ chain are working together
to assist reconstruction of the earthquake affected areas.

Served 800 dishes of beef stew on National Children's Day (May 5th)


Served 800 dishes of beef stew on National Children's Day (May 5th)

On Children's Day, May 5th, a Japanese national holiday, chefs from Okura Hotels & Resorts and JAL Hotels served beef stew at three locations in the disaster-affected areas: Fureai Park in Miyako, Iwate (220 dishes); Watanoha Japan Railway station in Ishinomaki, Miyagi (420 dishes); and Minami-no-Mori sports park in Iwaki, Fukushima (160 dishes).
The chefs served a hearty lunch - beef stew simmered for eight hours, saffron rice, raisin bread, and cake and other baked goods for dessert, which the delighted children proclaimed "delicious!" at every bite. A compliment that was heard often: "The beef is really tender and very tasty."

30 JAL hotels in Japan have been raising money through TAP2011

Thirty hotels from JAL Hotels in Japan participated in "TAP PROJECT 2011" which had been run with Japan UNICEF and other companies.
This project was first begun on the subject of "Clean Water for Every Child" and was aimed of providing waterworks and lavatories for elementary schools in Madagascar, Africa. However, after the earthquake on March 11, Japan UNICEF hurriedly changed the purpose of this project. TAP PROJECT 2011 is run with the aim of supporting recovery from the damaged caused by the earthquake.
Thanks to the warm support from many people, 584,084 yen (around $6900) was gathered from March19 to 27.

JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo / Hotel Nikko Northland Obihiro

From May 15th to April 25th, JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo and Hotel Nikko Northland Obihiro raised funds of 219,000 yen and 48,000 yen by setting collection boxes at the restaurants, spas, and reception desks Society. The collecting boxes will remain in place until September 30th, and the money will be sent to the Japanese Red Cross.

Hotel Nikko Tokyo

"PRAY for Smile" Project

Praying that the damaged areas after the earthquake will recover as soon as possible and also hoping that people in difficult situations can smile again, Hotel Nikko Tokyo is running the project "PRAY for Smile".
All the money donated will go toward recovery of the damaged areas after being sent to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Hotel Nikko Osaka

The first campaign of "Support Tohoku!" is Tohoku Sake Fair

Hotel Nikko Osaka, hoping for a fast recovery in the devasted Tohoku area and in an attempt to offer the best possible support, is launching a series of campaigns to help the Tohoku region.
As the first campaign, the hotel's restaurants on the third floor are co-hosting a Tohoku Sake Fair from April 28th to June 30th to support the Sake producers in Tohoku, a region known as a great Sake producer.
During the campaign, the hotel's Japanese, Chinese, Western and Teppan (grill) restaurants are offering Sake brands from Tohoku that are available in the Kansai region at 10-20% discounts to increase consumption in order to support business for Tohoku Sake producers. The hotel is also planning other campaigns to support agricultural and dairy products from Tohoku.

Hotel Nikko Nara

"Half-price stay for guests from Tohoku, Kanto and Hokkaido" Giving out power and healing from Nara!

As well as holding a campaign to raise funds, Hotel Nikko Nara is planning to start "Sending Power and Comfort from Nara! Bonds of Friendship Campaign". Hoping to send power and comforts the from Nara to the people who are living in Eastern Japan, we have decided to hold this campaign. We hope to continue support over long term.
our first project is "Stay at Hotel Nikko Nara at Half Price if you are from Tohoku, Kanto or Hokkaido area". Through this project, we are planning to provide maximum of 50 rooms per day at half price for guests from the three damaged areas (Tokyo, Hokkaido and other 13 prefectures). We will donate 100 yen to the Japanese Red Cross Society for each room booked at our hotel using this plan.
In addition, we are planning to use sake from the Tohoku area and we are willing to support those who are suffering from the earthquake in many ways.

Hotel Nikko Himeji

Hotel Nikko Himeji will be holding charity auction event on May 29th and will sent the profit to the damaged area through Japan Red Cross Hyogo branch.

Hotel Nikko Kumamoto

Fund-raising Campaign

By April 18th, Hotel Nikko Kumamoto had raised 626,016 yen through a campaign to raise funds at dinner shows and a singing event, through donations from their staff and through collection boxes placed at its restaurants and reception desk. This money will be sent to the damaged areas through the kumamoto Branch of the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Hotel Nikko Tianjin

Hotel Nikko Tianjin donated US$2000 to the Japanese Red Cross on April 1st.

Hotel Nikko Hong Kong

Supporting "Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders"

Hotel Nikko Hong Kong provided 55 rooms for free to support charity concert "Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders" held on April1st. One person proposing this concert was Jackie Chan, and many famous artists from Hong Kong and other countries, including Japan, participated. They raised 25,000,000 Hong Kong dollars (271 million yen) and all of this money will be used to send relief to the earthquake victims.

Hotel Royal Taipei

Japan Jyaio Jyaio!

Hotel Royal Taipei made a donation of 600,000 Taiwan dollars (around 1,750,000 yen) to the Japanese Red Cross Society through the Taipei Chamber of Commerce and Industry after the earthquake. Besides this donation, their staff have also been raising money on their own. They are planning to continue raising money, and all the money raised will be sent to the Japanese Red Cross Society through Taiwan Red Cross.
Hoping to commemorate victims from the earthquake and to return to normal life the people living in damaged areas of Japan, they have prepared origami cranes, and oblong cards can be seen at the elevator hall. In addition, art with a message to Japan has been placed in a show window at the hotel entrance. Oblong cards can be seen at the show window with the message "Japan Jyaio Jyaio!" (Good Luck! Ganbare!)

Hotel Nikko Hanoi

"SAVE OUR FRIENDS, A HAND TO JAPAN" project to raise money

Hotel Nikko Hanoi held a fund-raising project, "Save Our Friends, Hand TO JAPAN". We raised US$7972 in six days by asking for donations from many guests and hotel staff and the hotel donated part of its sales. In addition, we collected US$7028 through support from local companies and an event on March 22nd. In total, Hotel Nikko Hanoi donated $15,000 to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Hotel Nikko San Francisco

Charity Event "hope to japan"

Hotel Nikko San Francisco has set up the Hope To Japan Committee (HTJC) with NCJRA to help Japan.
On April 5th we hold the event an event "hope to japan" in Hotel Nikko San Francisco with more than 25 restaurants, wineries, Japanese sake shops. We raised US$82,000 on that day through support from the hotel guests, staff, event participants and sponsors. In addition, the hotel’s ongoing Bokin Red Cross Campaign, which matches guest donations and earmarks a portion of the Bokin room package revenue to the Japanese Red Cross society, has already generated $9,000 toward relief efforts in Japan.

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